Frequently Asked Questions

We hope you find this information useful. For any queries not covered here please get in touch.

Replacement Parts

  • Being a NZ Made product means we stock all replacement parts for Cule hatches. Some of these are available for purchase on this site under Parts and Accessories. Please note that we do not replace the acrylic in existing hatches unless under warranty. We can give you contact details for others that provide this service. We don’t sell our hatch seal online but we can supply replacement seal. Please get in touch directly.
  • Cule strut arms (telearms), handles and clevis kits can work as replacements on some models of Weaver hatch with some simple modifications. These are available for purchase on this site under Parts and Accessories. Please note that we cannot replace any other Weaver parts eg friction hinges, hinge parts etc.
  • Our parts and accessories will not fit any other brands of hatch (other than Cule and Weaver) due to the design of the base flange of the hatch.

Replacement Hatches

If you're looking to replace an existing hatch we suggest you first check to see if any of our twelve sizes will suit. Some of these are direct replacements for older, obsolete hatches in the market and they offer a cost-effective solution.

  • Our CLW42 and CLW75 are direct replacements for RC Marine hatches with a 75mm corner radius.
  • Our CLW51 is a good replacement for the forward hatch on a Farr 10/20 yacht with our CLW30 offering a close substitute for the cabin hatch.
  • Our CLW50 and CLW51 are close substitutes for some of the now obsolete Weaver hatches. The Weaver hatches have a smaller corner radius however if it’s practical to alter the aperture our standard models will work well OR we can custom build a replacement. Many of the Weaver hatches are still going strong but require new strut arms. Ours are a good replacement and can be purchased here. Please note we are unable to replace Weaver friction hinges or hinge parts.
  • Cule Marine doesn’t currently manufacture portlights. We can make small outward opening hatches but we are restricted by size and what can successfully be achieved on our existing machinery and dies. Our smallest standard size CLW10 has a cut out of 260 x 260mm. We can custom make a little smaller than this but on application only. Please get in touch to discuss further.
  • Cule hatches have radius corners. We do not produce mitred corner hatches. Our standard range of hatches feature 51mm corner radius’ with the exception of our CLW42 and CLW75 which have 75mm corner radius’. We can custom manufacture to 43, 51 and 75mm corner radius’.
  • Cule hatches feature 8 or 10mm premium-quality acrylic in their lids with a manufacturers 10 year warranty (in some cases 30 years). We do not use glass. In contrast to glass, acrylic is lighter, has a higher impact strength, is shatter-proof and more UV resistant. This makes acrylic ideal for use in hatches which may need to be walked on and get exposed to high levels of UV. Occasionally we will produce a custom hatch with 8mm anodised sheet alloy in the lid. This is generally for a commercial vessel.