The Cule brand (pronounced ‘cool’)

was established in 2007 to offer New Zealand’s boat building industry the option of a premium-quality, locally manufactured boat hatch. No small feat when your competing against large international brands but a strong customer focus and a commitment to ‘try harder’ has held Cule Marine in good stead. Today Cule Marine enjoys close working relationships with many of New Zealand’s leading boat builders, designers, and passionate boat owners.

Following encouragement from customers to add other products to the mix, the team at Cule Marine have sourced a selection of ASA-plastic hatches from european brand Ceredi to complement their existing range of aluminium hatches.

Cule Marine

is a family-run business based in West Auckland, New Zealand. Keen boaties ourselves, we appreciate the satisfaction of purchasing good quality, fit-for-purpose products that enable us to maximise our enjoyment on the water. We stand behind all the products we offer but we also encourage you to get in touch if there are other products you would like access to.

Don’t be shy – we’d genuinely love to chat further. Please get in touch!

Proudly local

Cule are proud to support NZ-based suppliers by using locally sourced raw materials and components wherever possible. Cule hatches have been licenced as NZ Made.